Due to the danger to the ship’s crew and the vessel from onboard fires caused by Lithium batteries, many shipping lines refuse to carry used electric and hybrid vehicles or elect to carry only certain classifications.
e.g. Hybrid, but not plug-in hybrid. Or all hybrid but no EVs.

These policy restrictions are evolving continuously, so please check with your vehicle manufacturer if your battery is Lithium or Nickel hydride and advise your Taurus salesperson to ensure your quote is suitable for your vehicle.

In recent years, several lithium fires on Vessels caused millions of dollars of damage to other cargo and vessels.

Requirements for booking

  • No damage to the lithium battery or underbody of the vehicle.
  • Photos: Front, Back, LHS, RHS to view any impact damage and overall condition of vehicle.
  • State of charge ("SOC"): 20% or more.
  • Conducted OBD(On-Board Diagnostics) inspection before booking to check & confirm the following. The report must be supplied by manufacturer's authorised workshop.
    • Difference between the minimum and the maximum voltage of each cell: Less than 100 mv
    • Voltage of each cell : 3.0 - 4.2 v
    • Battery condition report" (result of OBD inspection) required 1-3 weeks before sailing date.
  • Vehicles found to be "undrivable" while loading/unloading will be removed by towing or cancelled (No forklift operation allowed to avoid damage to their lithium battery).
Please check with your salesperson to ensure the quote you have is suitable for your vehicle.